Two-Wave Retro-reflecting Barrier

Retro-reflecting barrier for roads and motorways.

Mainly used for two waves barriers.

Available in different base structure and reflectant colours, according to the needs of the clients.

Customizable logo.


Reflector surface55.25 cm2, trapezoidal, one or two-faced
Base surface87×92 mm
Coefficient of Retro-reflection 950 Ra (cd/lux/m2)
Fixable to the two wave barrier with standard 5.8 screws
Colours for the reflecting surfaceWhite, orange, red, blue and green
Colours for the fixing surfaceBlack, brown and green
Customizable logo
Tightness between the base and the reflecting plates
UV ray-resistant
Resistant to adverse climatic conditions



Easy assembly

Perfectly adapted to the dual-wavelength barrier

Delivered folded for ease of transport

Outdoor conditions and corrosion-resistant

Water-tightness in the filtering of water between the components

Rust-free thanks to the absence of metallic riveting

Specially adapted to cold and salty atmospheres

Impact resistant

Good impact-response due to overall flexibility